Hi, I'm Z Roux, author of Cereus. I've always enjoyed writing, but creating Danny's world took writing to a whole new level. The magical things Danny is able to do; the things that she still doesn't even know she can do! I'm sitting here rubbing my hands, because I can't wait for you to pick up this book and become as engrossed in Danny's world as I am.



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A word  from the author...


Cereus Young Adult Magic Fiction book by Z Roux


One minute, Danny Bennet is just another normal teenager. The next, she learns she comes from a family born with the power to enter people’s dreams and affect their waking lives. As if this isn’t enough to freak her out, somebody wants to steal her power and would do anything, even kill, to get it.

Love. Lies. Magic. Deceit. Fighting for her life.

Danny was hoping for a memorable senior year, but now she just wants to survive long enough

to graduate.