Not long now before Cereus (Savant 2017) finally hits the shelves. Watch this website for updates on its release.

For those, who just cannot is a little something to wet the appetite. Enjoy!

CEREUS by Z. Roux - Excerpt #2 (This Excerpt is Family Rated)

"Chapter 3- A Deal with the Devil

"No, don't touch it!" I yelled, swiveling around and blocking his path. I didn't know how, but somehow just knew he shouldn't have the plant. My palms started to tingle.


"Give me the Night Cereus!" he sneered, trying to push me aside, but I didn't back down.

It felt as if my hands were on fire.

He tried to push me out of his way again, but I shoved him with all of my strength. The moment my palms touched his body, there was an explosion of light. A fiery beam jumped from my hands, spiraling and pulling tight around him. Caught in its scalding grip, he lost his balance and crashed to the floor. With a thunderous roar, the flames leaped up and around him where he thrashed about on the ground helplessly. His attempts to put out the flames were futile.

Maniacal screams burst from his lips. I staggered backwards and watched in horror as burning cloth and hair dripped to the floor, exposing bubbling skin, first turning bloody, then black.

The foul stench of smoke and flesh filled the room while he burned. It tasted acrid on my tongue.

He flailed about one last time, still screaming. Then finally, fell silent. Charred lidless eyes stared blankly while once human features melted, exposing white bone.

I couldn't tear my eyes from his body so watched the flames slowly turn him to ash."

CEREUS (Savant 2017)

by Z. Roux

330 pp. 6" x 9" Softcover Tradebook[s4]

ISBN 9780996325592

Published by Savant Books and Publications

Available worldwide from Savant Books and Publications,, Barnes and Noble and at fine bookstores everywhere.

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